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Freedom Friday: Gathering of the Eagles on Oct 12 at the Ames Ranch honoring the late Ames Curtright and the OR Senate Republicans who walked out for 9 days in the last session. Russian man sues Apple because he says his Iphone made him gay. Trump economy: Lowest employment numbers in 50 years, wages way up

Jockstraps? Trump goes on offense against Adama Schiff by saying he isn’t worthy of carrying SOS Pompeo’s jockstrap. He also says he may sue Schiff and others who defame outside of the halls of congress where that kind of talk is protected. Unions in OR say they won’t contribute or help any Dem legislator who voted for the nothing burger, kick the PERS can down the road bill. They are going on offense and sending a powerful message to Dems. Will it matter in elections? Queen Kate says she may ban vaping in OR: if she gets away with this unconstitutional act, what else can she ban? Abortion protests? Guns?

Should employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens be prosecuted? New poll in Mississippi says 70% want them prosecuted. Should Republicans in America go on offense against the radicals who want to turn us into a socialist country? Guliani is going to sue individual members of congress for comments they make against him outside of the halls of congress where it is protected speech. Would that work in Oregon?. 3 radical environmental statewide initiatives are rejected by the SOS because they violate the single subject ruling of the OR Supreme Court.

Why would Oregon follow CA’ lead and pass a law allowing college athletes to get paid from endorsements? Increased tax revenue? Keep them in OR? What if the state put a socialist condition on this law saying that to make it fair, any endorsements must be shared with other athletes?. What will change state agency culture that allows ODOT to fire multiple whistle blowers and not discipline managers involved in high profile scandals until a new director is appointed? Leadership from the Gov that cleans house and sends a message it wont be tolerated. Feel good and expensive for business new laws that just went into effect in Oregon. Former US AG Holder says if Republicans win in 2020 it’s because they cheated. Setting the stage for excuses and divisions’.

New poll shows 70% of likely American  voters believe in America First: how we can use that successfully here in Oregon elections. However: 54% identify as progressive while only 19% say they are socialist, even though they are the same. Moderate Republican State Sen Cliff Bentz is running for Walden’s seat and Knute Buehler is thinking about it. If a conservative files to run against these two moderates that split the moderate vote, can the conservative win?

Freedom Friday: what political topic do you want to talk about? State regulator has Judge stop her trial even though she lied about letting an illegal day care operate where a child died. Trumps trade war with China is hurting OR agriculture: yet ag people still will vote for him again Queen Kate takes a big entourage on a junket to Doha Qatar to watch the World Track and Field championship and pledges an additional 20M in taxpayer money just lying around to subsidize the same championship in Eugene in 2021

Oregon’s red flag law is front and center as former Marine appeals the loss of his guns: free speech vs threatening. James Loftus interview about new NASA interactive learning broadcasts into Oregon public schools including ORCA, Oregon’s largest public online charter school.

Why the next election will be all about impeachment: if it fizzles it will hurt the Dems even here in Oregon. Bend Bulletin guest column: lays out the case against Kate and the Dems for arrogantly going against the will of the people. WW article incorrectly says impeachment proceedings have begun in the House: all other Oregon media correctly report it. Kylee Dixon says she doesn’t want to be dragged into a hospital for cancer surgery in testimony before a Clackamas County judge.

Are you afraid to sign the Kate Brown recall petition because your name and address becomes known?   New WSJ/NBC poll shows that free government healthcare for illegals is the least popular idea being discussed with 62% against. Salem city council may pass a new and unconstitutional per resident tax to fill their 16M budget hole: why reward bad fiscal behavior? Soros backed group wants to decriminalize heroin, meth: what message does that send?  

Gov Kate announces vacancy on Court of Appeals: only after she got caught gaming the process. Oregon Bar dismisses my complaint against the Gov’s top lawyer: sweeping under the rug? Climate crazed activists shut down interstates around DC and students walked out last week. When does this nuttiness finally push people in the middle over to our side because they think the radical activists actions are too extreme? Does are liberty as a nation doom our liberty?



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